sábado, 19 de fevereiro de 2011

Death Race 2

I've just saw it, and, wuau! what a great movie!
The story was very well conceived, and it explains some things from the first movie.
One of the best prequels that i've seen.
Totally recommend it.

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  1. I will saw it tonight!
    Thanks for the sugestion!

  2. Didnt look so good, guess ill watch it though

  3. Did it go straight to DVD? I saw the first one in the theaters, and wanted to see this one as well....

  4. yeah this shit looks loud. ill pump it on my system. ill go get it now

  5. awesome, didnt saw the second, going to check it out for sure!

  6. I liked how this one was the "beginning" of it all. Nice post buddy!
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